Is this the reason you’re not making the sales you deserve?

I read an article today by Dr Greg Chapman over on the Australian Small Business blog.

He wrote about the importance of addressing customer concerns, fears or objections in your advertising.

If you’re NOT doing this in your marketing it could be creating a logjam in your sales pipeline.

And we ALL know how painful a logjam in your pipeline can be!

The basic idea is this:

If you figure out what scares, worries or keeps your potential customers awake at night …

… then show how your product or service addresses those concerns …

You’ll sell more product and make more money.

Dr Chapman used a recent iPhone ad as an example of doing it right.

Watch the ad here so you know what I’m talking about (it’s funny, so you’ll have a good laugh) —


Dr Chapman then admitted that although he thought the ad deserved the title of “AD of the Month,” — presumably as a model for how small businesses need to run ads to address their market’s biggest fears or concerns — he doesn’t actually believe the ad.

He said:

“Whether you accept these assurances from Apple, whose business model includes the monetizing your personal information, or not, is up to you. Personally, I would trust them just as far as I could throw an elephant.”

My thoughts:

Great advice, as far as addressing the concerns, fears, or objections of your market. But …

Seems to me there’s a deeper objection Apple are not tackling here.

Namely, although they offer data privacy, many people don’t believe them. Which is a problem because …

In advertising and marketing …

A benefit that is not believed is as good as not having a benefit.

My suggestion:

How about an ad and email campaign that says in essence:

If you’re one of the millions of iPhone users worldwide, you trust your personal data is kept safe when using your iPhone. But, with consumer skepticism over data security at an all-time high, we thought you’d appreciate it if we took a moment to explain the 6 steps and 5 precautions Apple takes to guarantee your data is kept away from prying eyes. First, we …

And so on.

Anyway, big takeaway is that Dr Greg Chapman runs an excellent blog for small business owners at

Go read some of his excellent articles today.

And …

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