Does email list size matter?

Short answer: Yes

Long answer: No

Here’s what I mean:

If you have an email list of 300 recent buyers, congratulations. You’ve got a hot list. You’ve got an email list of people who all share three important traits:

1) They trust you enough to give you money …

2) They all share a common desire for the specific problem-solving or life-changing solution you offer. And …

3) They’re buyers, not tire kickers. Meaning, they’re willing to dip their hand into their pocket to pay for solutions

That makes them good prospects for other products and services.

Products and service YOU can offer. Either yourself or through a joint venture. And continue to profit from the 300-name email list.

So no, in a case like this, overall list size does NOT matter – assuming you’re hitting your margins.

A list of buyers is what matters.

Of course, that doesn’t mean you should stop building your email list.

You should continue to do whatever got you those 300 buyers in the first place.

Now, let’s look at another scenario:

Let’s say you’ve got an email list of 300 email addresses that have NEVER bought from you.

They opted-in to your email list to get a free video, report, information pack, discount code, content upgrade or something else but…


(Sorry for shouting – just want to make sure you stay with me here.)

And let’s say each of those 300 people opted in for a different reason. For example …

Some opted-in to follow you, so they’ll know where to find you when they need you.

Others opted-in to get your content upgrade information to repurpose – or blatantly steal! – for their own business.

Others to spy on you.

And so on.

Does that sound like a valuable email list to you?

Does that sound like a list of responsive buyers?

If that describes (even loosely) the makeup of your email list, you’re gonna have a hard time converting them into buyers – no matter how good your copywriter is.

So, in this case, email list size DOES matter but … more importantly …


(Again, sorry for shouting. At least you’re still with me.)

Listen. It’s not the number of subscribers on your email list that matters…

It’s the number of people who share common traits and interests.

It’s the number of people with a common problem they want to solve … or …

… a common passion, love, hobby, or opportunity they want to pursue.

For example, an email list of 300 people itching to learn your closely-guarded secrets of wood turning …


managing staff,

buying antiques,

investing in real estate,

or raising lamas …

IS a valuable email list – assuming you’ve got the products or services that lead them closer and closer to their goals.

But an email list of 300 people with only a thin thread of commonality (or no commonality) connecting them is a bad list. And in that case, you’ve got to make up for lack of commonality with huge numbers.

It’s not efficient. But still might be effective.

And still better than some of the biz owners (or insta-fluencers) with 100,000 plus subscribers/followers and barely a buyer amongst them.

Do you see what I mean?

I hope this is making sense to you. If not, contact me to discuss your email list and how to make it more profitable.

We can also discuss how to identify the good subscribers and get the dead-wood off your list.

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