Rise of the transparent entrepreneur [part-1]

We live in the day of the con artist.

It’s not the information age anymore. It’s the day of manipulators and scammers.

Of hackers and rip-off artists.

That’s why TV shows can thrive on stories about construction-scams, rouge mechanics and white collar crimes.

They’ll NEVER run out of material because the world is full of liars and criminals.

Low-level criminals are everywhere. You walk past them every day on the street.

High level criminals are everywhere too. Usually in government or running a business or controlling the banks.

Why is this?

Because crime pays.

Crime brings power.

And criminals love power.

They’re hungry for it.

We live in a culture that thirsts for it. Even promotes it.

The message of “get ahead at any cost” is trumpeted from Hollywood … plastered all over social media … and ingrained in the social narrative.

There are more ways for scammers to pull the wool over your eyes today than ever before.

This is due — in part — to the rise and reliance on the greatest propaganda machine there ever was: the Internet and social media…

Plus …

Easy accessibility to paid advertising…

The complexity of technology…

And the general lack of time we have to fact check what we see and hear in the media.

But all this mistrust and skepticism creates a windfall opportunity for you because…

In the age of the con artist, the honest entrepreneur can stand out like a giraffe in a pack of wolves.

And thus the rise of the transparent entrepreneur.

The rise of the marketer who — instead of lying and deceiving — addresses skepticism head on.

The marketer who proves every claim.

The marketer who gives a basis for trust and believing before asking the prospect to risk a dime.

When done right …

New clients come running.

Past clients return.

And referrals flow like water from a tap.

What are you doing to increase transparency in your marketing?

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