How an unusual demonstration at the NY Crystal Palace in 1853 can trigger a flood of new sales for you today

In the decades prior to 1853, buildings rarely reached more than seven stories tall.


Elevators were considered too dangerous — and NOT because people found them claustrophobic. The early users of lifts literally thought they’d fall to their death.

And since nobody wanted to climb more than seven grueling flights of stairs when returning home from the office or grocery store, seven stories or less became the norm.

I think you’d agree that’s a pretty big problem for lift manufacturers who want to expand their market.

Well, in 1853 everything changed when Elisha Otis invented the elevator safety brake.

Or I should say, everything almost changed.

You see, Otis’ invention was met with initial skepticism — just like your products or services are when trying to convince new customers to buy today.

And this left Otis feeling frustrated.

But consumer-resistance soon melted like a blob of butter on the hot pavement when, in a death-defying “stunt” at the New York Crystal Palace, Otis demonstrated his elevator safety system.

While standing on a suspended platform in view of the incredulous crowd, Otis signalled to a man perched on a scaffolding high above him to “cut the rope“.

The crowd mocked.

Some placed bets.

Others held their breath.

The rope was cut.

And the Otis elevator brake clicked into gear.

See” said Otis, “there’s nothing to fear.”

The platform Otis was standing on didn’t fall to the ground and splinter into a million pieces as many in the crowd had supposed.

It remained safe and sturdy.

And Otis proved, in one powerful demonstration, that passenger elevators were not only convenient, but safe due to his unique invention.

Following the demonstration the first Otis passenger elevator was installed on Broadway. And today thousands of skyscrapers stand as silent monuments to Otis and his timely invention that helped transform city skylines all over the world.

But that’s not all Otis achieved in the Crystal Palace that day.

Otis showed the citizens of New York and people everywhere that a unique product, sold in just the right way, can transform a company and make its owners wealthy beyond their dreams.

Which brings us back to you …

Could different words used to describe your product or service transform YOUR sales just like Otis’ demonstration transformed public opinion?

If Otis’ experience is anything to go by then “yes”, better words on your website, landing page or email campaigns could open the floodgates to more sales for you.

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