Your email marketing questions answered…

Today, almost every question about writing emails that convert readers into buyers has been answered.

Gone are the days when you had to guess about what to write to convince your target audience that what you sell is perfectly suited to their needs.

In fact, many copywriters today can, with just a few paragraphs of well-worded copy in an email, persuade the vast majority of your best prospects to begin a buying relationship with you.

Notice I said, “persuade” not “manipulate“?

That’s because the days of “used car salesman-style” copywriting are long gone. Today, if you try to manipulate or trick your prospects into buying they’ll hit the delete key on your email faster than you can say “have I got a deal for you”.

Yes, today if you want your emails to generate higher sales and conversions, there’s a copywriter who knows how to deliver that result for you, with almost 100% certainty.

No longer do you need to concern yourself with questions like:

  • Should I press hard for the sale or take a softer, more reader-friendly approach? (Actually, it depends on how far into the sales cycle your prospect is when they read your email)

  • Should I offer free information and service in my emails or go right for the sale? (Easily answered with a few questions about your ideal prospect and their natural buying journey)

  • How often should I send emails for my type of product or service? (This is NOT something you should guess at. Email too often for your type of product or service and you put your prospects off. Email too little and your competition gets the lion’s share of the clients)

  • Does short copy work better than long copy, or vice-versa? (It depends on the situation. But the situations in which short copy sells more than long copy are well documented)

  • What works best in emails: client success stories, testimonials, and a track record of results, or stories about the pain my prospects are going through and how I can solve those pain points?

  • How do I position my company and products or services to stand out from fierce competitors? (There’s a simple 4-part formula proven effective at eliminating the competition from the race for wallet share.)

  • What strategies can I use to sell without discounting, so I can maintain good profit margins? (In an inflationary economy people tighten their purse strings. It’s only natural they would want discounts and ways to save money. However, there are strategies that can help you hold — and even raise — your pricing, even while the rest of your industry is hell-bent on lowering their margins)

No longer do you need to struggle to find the right words to use in your emails.

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