how to use advertising to solve problems

At the Macworld expo in 1999, Steve Jobs gave a great example of using advertising to solve problems.

He said:

Well, I gotta tell you – we don’t do it because it goes down well or not. We have a problem, and our problem was that people had forgotten what Apple stands for. As a matter of fact, a lot of our employees have forgotten what Apple stands for. And so we needed a way to communicate what the heck Apple’s all about. And we thought, how do you tell somebody what you are, who you are, what you care about? And the best way we could think of was, you know, if you know who somebody’s heroes are, that tells you a lot about them. So we thought we are going to tell people who our heroes are, and that’s what the “Think Different” campaign is all about. It’s about telling people who we admire, who we think are the heroes of this century. And – some people will like us, and some people won’t like us.

What problems are you facing in business right now?

Could advertising solve those problems?