The sheer drudgery of work… and why you should work from home

One of the cool things about working from home is…

You can get up from your desk or workstation anytime you like and take a walk.

For anyone with ADHD you know how important this is.

Being tied to a desk, under the watchful eye of a manager, or being “on the clock” is sheer drudgery (the abattoir of the human soul, as I once “herd” it described).

Nothing constrains your creative powers more than getting forced into the 9-5 routine.

Although I will say, I was fortunate enough during my corporate career to have managers and bosses that noticed I had a different, out-of-the-box, way of looking at things… and… so… they granted me some slack, giving me a little more freedom to do things “my way” than was granted the other robots (I mean employees), much to the chagrin of my fellow workers who noticed I was getting special “privileges”, perhaps a story for another day.

Anyway, there’s a lady down the street from me who literally yells at her kid every day.

Today I overheard her say “You’re 2 now so you should know better!” These words were screamed while scolding the child over goodness knows what. She also has a dog that needs some training because, like most dogs that live in the suburbs, this dog has anxiety and barks like a dork every time you accidently sneak up on it.

But you probably wouldn’t notice these goings-on in your neighborhood if you work at an office all day.

So there’s that.

To other news:

I’m writing a book about persuasion for introverts.

I don’t have a title yet, but I’ll let you know what the title is after the book is half written.

Now, you might be asking, “There’s already a bunch of sales books out there for introverts, do we really need another one?

Listen. This isn’t going to be a sales book. At least, not in the typical sense. This is a book about how to use the written word to do your selling for you.

Not theory.

It’ll be a book of practical steps you can take to sell your creations (ideas, products, or services) that are well within the reach of every introvert on the planet, even if you’re so introverted you can’t even stand hanging out with family photographs.

So stay posted for more news about that.

And if you have questions about online persuasion you can send your questions to me via email. If your question is good and the answer is even better I’ll include it in the book and give you credit for the question.

Best way to send your question is to join my email list here


Mike Low