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an almost ‘sneaky’ (but highly effective) way to engineer referrals or word of mouth into your business

For many years now I’ve been a fan of an author in the marketing space. I bought and meticulously studied over a dozen of his books. But there was one particular book I passed over time and time again. There was just something that turned me off. So I never pulled the trigger and made the purchase but…

Yesterday I bought the book on Amazon Kindle.

Why did I do this?

Why did I finally buy the book after knowing about it for some 15 or so years?

It wasn’t the author’s own advertising that finally sold me on buying the book.

It wasn’t the product description on Amazon.

It wasn’t the fact that I already owned dozens of his books and courses and therefore wanted to add to my collection…


It was because…

I heard someone talking about the book on a podcast. In other words…

Word-of-mouth marketing.

A lot of people will tell you word of mouth marketing is the most powerful form of advertising you can get.

But relying on people to promote your products or services at their whim is no way to grow your business.

However, there’s something you can do to engineer word-of-mouth marketing into your business:

You can find people in your industry who are willing to plug your product or service now and then in a conversational manner. And you do the same for them. It’s a simple arrangement. It doesn’t have to be an affiliate relationship where commissions change hands. It could be. But it doesn’t have to be.

You can do it through email.

You can do it on social media.

On podcasts.

Speaking events.

Literally anywhere.

It’s kind of a “you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours” relationship.

But it has to be genuine.

Don’t be like the social media “influencers” who’ll plug any product if there’s a few bob in it for themselves.

Anyway, that’s something to chew on over the weekend.

I acknowledge not everyone is in a position to do this.

But it’s worth taking a few minutes to think about how you can engineer referrals and word of mouth into your business.

And speaking of word of mouth, if you know someone who should read this message there are two things you can do:

1) forward this email to someone with a note saying “saw this and thought you’d find it interesting” or

2) Send them to so they can subscribe to my email newsletter.

I’ll treat their inbox with the same respect I treat yours. They can unsubscribe anytime.


Mike Low


3 quick ways I can help your business grow in 2024

I can help you get more sales from your Facebook ads

If you run Facebook ads… and want lower lead costs… increased lead flow… and more sales… my Facebook ad writing service can help.

In a nut shell, I write the text for your Facebook ads… and I can write the text (or script) for video posts.

NOTE: I don’t shoot the actual video and I don’t typically create the images you’ll use in your ads. And I don’t do the ads manager, audience selection, all that stuff. This is strictly the writing of the ads. I know this limits the audience for this service. It’s best suited for someone who can do their own ads management and just need creative… or an agency who’s got an in-house media buyer…

Every ad will be unique to your brand, your product or service, and your brand voice – your ads will be different to every ad run by your competitors. Your ads will stand out in a  meaningful way and you will see results from the very first week.

I can help you get more sales from your email list

If you have an email list (or you’re thinking of building one) I can take over the reigns of writing email marketing messages to your list.

The emails I write for you will be in your brand voice, from you. Your readers won’t know it’s NOT you writing to them.

The only difference will be in open rates and conversion.

When you hire me you can expect open rates and conversions to increase. Why?

Because after 18 years as a copywriter I understand the psychology of todays buyer.

I know what makes them tick.

I know how to move them from attention

to interest

to a desire to own your product or service…

and to buy

Your connection with your readers will increase. Your open and click through rates will increase (I have a specific formula that makes this happen in the first week of working together). Your sales will increase. And your brand will become more valuable.

I can help you get higher conversions from your sales funnels or webinars

For the better part of the last 18 years I’ve helped clients improve their conversions from sales pages and webinars.

This is something most copywriters struggle with. Long form copy – the type used to sell products through funnels and webinars is difficult. It takes years of experience to understand the nuances that get people to buy.

Fortunately for you I have that experience.

I started writing sales pages (AKA sales letters) back in 2003.

Since then I’ve worked on sales funnels and webinars that do millions in sales. And My input has often resulted in many millions more.

If you have a sales funnel that’s not working… or a webinar that’s not converting at the level you think it should… I can help.

So that’s it… the three services I can help you with.

If you’re interested in discussing any of these services further…

jump on my email list and reply to my welcome email


Strange habit makes your emails stronger

Every day I read what’s in my inbox… looking for lessons I can use to make my emails stronger…

Here are the 7 lessons I learned from reading emails on the 4th of this month:

  1. Can you introduce news that concerns the reader?
  2. Does your subject line have an element of curiosity – if not, chuck it out.
  3. Promise news or useful information or both.
  4. Your idea must be fresh, or feel fresh.
  5. Never let the reader think: “I’ve seen this before” because she’ll immediately think, “I don’t need to read this”. 
  6. When we read we look for relevance. If at any point the reader thinks your message is NOT relevant or they think they know what you’re going to say next, or they know the thing you’re teasing about, they won’t read and they won’t click through.
  7. Create curiosity loops or knowledge gaps. We read to discover information we need or want to know.

I have a document filled with hundreds of lessons like this.

What’s better — sending valuable content to your email list … or a barrage of product promotions?

If you have to write marketing emails you’ve probably sat at your computer at some point wondering what the right balance is between useful content and promotional emails.

And it’s a fair thing to wonder.

Thousands follow Gary V’s “Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook” methodology which advocates sending at least 3 “information only” emails to every promotional email you send.

But frankly, that’s an oversimplification. It may be true with social media, but email is different. As proof …

Many companies promote an offer in EVERY EMAIL THEY SEND … and get away with it just fine.

Still others send ONLY free content, with the assumption “They’ll contact us when they’re ready to buy, so we don’t need to pitch in our emails“.

Who’s right?

According to Hubspot, who have a few terabytes of data on such things:

The key to crafting a successful email marketing strategy lies in creating trust with contacts and building genuine, long-lasting relationships with them“.

The good news is …

You don’t need to compromise.

With the right approach — and a little thought — you can build long-lasting relationships … AND … promote your products or services in every email you send.

I’m using a couple of different approaches to help clients achieve this right now.

And I write about it occasionally in my 2-3 times a week email newsletter, which you can subscribe to below:

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Man removes own intestine (and other time-saving hacks your parents never taught you)

In 1961, during an expedition to the Antarctic, 27-year-old Russian surgeon Leonid Rogozov fell ill with appendicitis.

He needed an operation.

And – as the only doctor on the team – he soon realised he’d have to use the scalpel on himself.

As you can imagine, it was no easy choice.

Rogozov knew his appendix could burst at any moment.

And, if it did …

… he would probably die.

So, faced with life or death he did something most sane human beings would NEVER do …

He cut open his abdomen and took out his intestines.

Then, while bleeding heavily, and growing weaker by the second, he looked at his infected appendix.

He later commented: “With horror I notice the dark stain at its base. That means just a day longer and it would have burst...”

So, left with no choice, he chopped it out.

Then neatly tucked his intestines back in.

After nearly two hours of self-surgery he completed the operation, down to the final stitch.

And continued his mission in the Antarctic.

Now, you might be wondering “What’s all this got to do with writing emails to my list?

Actually, a LOT.

You see, I consult with a number of clients who write some of their own emails.

And, almost all of them says the same thing:

“Writing emails is like pulling teeth.”

They spend hours hunched over the keyboard … struggling to find the right words … and … when they’re done … they’ve got almost nothing to show for it.

So I ask them: “If you needed an operation, would you perform surgery on yourself, or go to a qualified professional – someone who’s spent years learning, practicing and honing their craft?

The answer’s always the same:

I’d go to a professional!

You see, you CAN struggle to write your own emails …

You CAN battle it out with the keyboard to come up with the right words …

You CAN spend hours writing instead of focusing on your core money-making skills …

But why?

If Leonid Rogozov wasn’t stranded in the Antarctic he certainly wouldn’t have performed his own surgery.

So unless you’re dead broke … and have no other option … don’t write your own emails.

And speaking of NOT writing your own emails …

I’m accepting 2 new clients over the next 3 weeks. If you want to be one of them … I’ll write your first email FREE.

But only subscribers to my twice-weekly email marketing newsletter qualify.

Subscribe here:

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Why email open rates don’t matter

Campaign Monitor released a (shall I say) “startling” – report titled: “Email Benchmarks (2020): By Day and Industry”.

And it’s absolutely … umm … riveting? I mean, you should be on the edge of your seat right now reading this.

In it they declare:

Australian open rates remain strong at 18.7%

Click-through rates rise to an average of 2.8%.

Click-to-open rates also rise, climbing to an average of 14.9%.

Unsubscribe rates remain steady at an average of 0.2%.

Australia leads open rates with an average of 18.7%; slightly higher than the global average of 17.8%, the UK at 17.5% and the US at 17%.

Sounds like a politician rattling off the latest unemployment figures.

Aren’t you glad you know these statistics?

Don’t they just rock your world?

Aren’t you glad you’re reading this important announcement?

Let me ask you this:

Who cares?

I mean, what are you going to do with this information? What is ANYBODY going to do with this information?

I can just imagine a bunch of suits sitting around the boardroom table discussing this report and asking “What are our open rates? How do we compare?

To which the poor sod from the marketing department responds by pulling up a spreadsheet on his tablet computer thingy to reveal this fascinating sound bite:

Let’s see now… we’re a little below average on open rates … but our unsubscribe rates are about where they should be!

Quick, send a tweet” replies the CEO.

Come on.

The problem with this type of report … and the problem with marketing consultants who constantly blabber on about email open rates is …

Open rates might be good for the ego … but you’ll get the shock of your life if you ever try to deposit an open rate down at your bank.

That’s why the only email marketing statistic that matters is …


Now, I hear you saying: “But the more emails people open the more sales I can make, right?”

Not necessarily.

I mean, it sounds good in theory.

But that’s where it stops.

You see, the only thing an email open rate can tell you is how many people clicked on your email.

Open rate stats don’t tell you whether the person who clicked on your email did so to open and delete it … open and read it … or if they accidentally clicked on it while trying to click an email above or below yours from their dear ol’ mother.

But sales … now that’s a statistic that tells us everything we need to know.

That’s a statistic we can get excited about.

Nobody accidentally buys your product.

There’s more to this, of course. And I’m deliberately only presenting one side of the story here.

But that’s all I’ve got time for today …

However, I will leave you with one final “insight” from the Campaign Monitor report.

This statement sums up their findings:

Australia is leading the way with open rates, which could be an indicator of an especially interested audience. Additionally, emails sent in this region may generally follow email subject line best practices, which encourage opens.

Let THAT sink in.

And then, when you realise you’ve learned absolutely nothing … subscribe to my twice-weekly email newsletter for ideas you can actually use to increase your sales from email marketing.

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Are you committing this ghastly crime against your wallet?

Someone from the “I need a copywriter squad” contacted me recently via my google profile to ask if I write copy for websites, like product descriptions and landing pages to generate leads? And if so, why don’t I mention this on my website or on my google profile?

The answer is simple:

Yes, I do write all types of copy. From social media posts, to website pages to whitepapers and special reports. But I specialise in email marketing, because that’s where I see the highest profit potential for business owners right now, and the biggest overlooked opportunity.

Problem is, most businesses owners JUST. DON’T. Get. It.

So they spend a bucket load of cash on ads to get new leads, but do almost nothing to nurture the leads they’ve already got. They spend hundreds — and sometimes thousands — a month on SEO, but do nothing to collect the email addresses of the people who arrive at their website.

I get it. I really do.

I spent a lot of years in direct sales so I understand the thrill of the kill on the first contact.

And I understand your insatiable desire for hot new leads.

After all, you just want people to hit you expensive website, see the value you bring, and buy on the spot ….

… which is probably the dream sold to you by your fancy webs designer.

But …


Because — study after study shows only a tiny fraction of all the traffic that arrives at your website will buy on the first visit. Even fewer will visit a second time. And …

That’s why the best, smartest and most profitable business owners make “email capture” the focus of their website.

Without doubt, email is the best way to nurture captured leads right now, and the best way to automatically sell more products to existing customers and expand your referral base.

And that, my curious reader, is why I promote myself as an email copywriter.

But yes, as a copywriter I can write any type of copy. Preferably in the alternative health niche because I feel the alternative health market does a great service to the community.

I also publish a twice-weekly email newsletter full of ideas to help you get better results from your email marketing. It’s free, although some reader’s have said they’d happily pay a C-note to get some of the info I share. If you know what’s good for you … you’ll subscribe here:

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