I’ll buy you 2 free consulting session with me to see if we’re a good fit to work together…

(I know of no other copywriter or marketing consultant who will buy you two 35-minute consulting sessions to discuss your marketing problems or opportunities BEFORE you even consider becoming a client.)

The goal of these sessions is to identify a marketing breakthrough for your business.

What kind of breakthrough?

One that can bring you immediate profits… or a giant leap forward from where you are now.

…before we enter a consulting or copywriting relationship.

In session 1 we’ll map out your current marketing and sales funnel, exploring options for fast growth, tailored around the unique aspects of your personality and business goals.

In session 2 we’ll identify specific projects with the highest and fastest profit potential.

You’ll decide to either move forward alone on these projects or to engage my help.

If you engage my help I’ll either take the project off your plate and do it for you… or I can coach you to do it yourself. The benefit of coaching is that once the project is completed you’ll have the skills to do it again and again, whether that’s writing ads, sales pages/letters, or emails.

Either way, I want to see you progress.

How to get started:  

STEP #1: Click the link below to email me your name and contact information, plus tell me a little about your situation…  

STEP#2: Wait while I reach out via email to schedule a time to chat on Zoom

Remember: you get two free conference calls – not one. This is to make sure you’ve got plenty of time (and all the information you need) to make sure we are a good fit to work together for maximum results.  

>> Click here to send me an email requesting your two free sessions.