Let me review your website copy and make recommendations for improvement (so you start winning more customers immediately)

Do you feel your website is under-performing?

Are you getting traffic but nowhere near the sales you should be?

If so, it’s probably because, like a piano player with her hands on the wrong keys, your message isn’t striking the right chord with your website visitors.

So they quickly leave and go in search of someone else who, for all we know, offers a less quality product than you do.

Thing is, it’s not the quality of your product that convinces visitors to open their wallets. How could it be? They haven’t seen or experienced your product yet.

It’s how you position your product or service with the right words that makes the difference.

Look, customers are the lifeblood of your business. Without them you’re making products for yourself.

So doesn’t it make sense to make sure your website is doing everything possible to win visitors over to your way of thinking?

No? Yes?

You in or out? (and I’m not talking about your belly button.)

If you want me to review your website and make some profit generating recommendations simply follow the prompts below.

It’s free. But limited to 4 applicants per month on a first come first served basis.

Hit the button below (opens an email in your email sending program) and let me know you want the website review NOW.

Write “website review” in the subject line. Then …

Add your name, website address and any other details about conversions or effectiveness of your website as you see fit. Hit send and you’ll hear from me with questions or my completed review in a few days.

PS: If all the spots for this month are taken, you’ll get an email from me letting you know your website review will be completed next month.

Bon appetit