The case against email swipe-files and newsletter templates

Swipe files or email templates are a great way to go from blank page to a decent email that’s ready to send.

(They can save you a lot of heartache.)

But remember, if you send an email you copied from someone else you run the risk of having your subscribers get the same email from other email newsletters they subscribe to.

A bit like turning up to a party in the same outfit as someone else.

This happened to me this week (not the party thing).

I received almost identical emails from two different consultants. The emails are reproduced below (with names redacted).

Example #1: received 2 days ago:

Example #2; Received today:

Notice the subject lines are almost identical?

It’s a great subject line because at first glance it makes the email appear to be a personal email sent only to me. And …

It’s timely.

Because as I write this we’re right at the start of the corona virus spread in Australia.

Everybody’s worried.

So asking if I’m OK sounds like you’re checking in with me because you care.

However, the spell is soon broken when the same email with only slight variation turns up from someone else a few days later.

One of two things has happened here:

Either both parties got the email from a book they read or coaching program they’re a part of or… someone’s copying someone else.

Now, I’m not saying this is a bad thing.

It’s not.

But a little more customisation would avoid the embarrassment.

End of lesson.

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