Why the ugly website?

My website is ugly.

I know that.

It’s meant to be.

You see, I’m not a web designer.

If you want flashy web design I can’t help you.

And the truth is, most flashy web design work costs you thousands (sometimes tens of thousands) of dollars and all it really does is get in the way of your message.

Believe me, I’ve seen flashy website design reduce sales, not increase them.

And I’ve see ugly websites produce as much as 3 times the leads and sales of an expensive design.

(Have you tested a simple, straight forward version of your website against the complicated version you’re running now?)

Besides, I’m a copywriter.

That means I write words on the page.

If you want words on your website or in your emails or on social media, I’m good at that.

Some even say I’m great.

So not to distract or over-influence you with flashy design, I’ve kept my website simple.


And that’s okay.

I like it that way.

Want great copy (words) for your flashy website, email or social media?

Hit the button below (opens your email program) and tell me what you’re trying to achieve …

PS: If you want an ugly website like this, I can probably build it for you. I’m probably the only person who can.

Email me if you’re interested.