Abandoned-Cart Emails — recapturing what was lost

An abandoned-cart email is exactly what it sounds like —

Someone goes to your website.

They look at your products.

They hit the “buy” button.

And add your product to the shopping cart.

But they don’t buy.

They ‘abandon’ the sale – because the baby is crying or the dog peed on the carpet or their boss came around the corner and was about to bust them shopping online when they’re supposed to be finishing up a report he wanted last Friday.

If handled right, this represents a HUGE opportunity for you.

It’s been said you can increase your online sales by as much as 80% simply by adding a series of three automated emails sent to the people who leave your shopping cart without buying.

Perhaps you already know this. And that’s why you’re considering hiring me to write your abandoned-cart emails.

If so, here’s how to get in touch to start the conversation:

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