Automated welcome series emails – the first 10 days

Have you heard the old email marketing joke? —

A man walks into a bar and asks:

“What do you do when someone joins your email list?”

“I don’t know” said the barman.

And that’s the problem.

If you’re anything like over 53% of business owners the answer is …


And that’s why, according to ActiveCampaign you’re missing out on 70% to 332% of potential sales and profits.

The simple way to increase your online sales …

Every day without a good email welcome series is a day you’re losing sales.

According to InboxArmy, welcome sequence emails do more than 3X the transactions and revenue per email over regular promotional emails…

More specifically …

An effective welcome email series, delivered over the first 10 days from the time a person becomes a subscriber, will convert as many as 80% more people who join your email list into paying customers than you’ll get with no welcome series.

That’s why it’s soooooo important to get your welcome emails sorted out now.

Anyway, all this is just a preamble to let you know I can write your welcome email series.

If that’s what YOU want, complete the quick form below and I’ll be in touch to see if I can help.

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