Here’s how we can work together …

I no longer offer pre designed services…

Instead, I focus on helping you get unstuck from whatever part of your marketing is holding you back.

Of course, the work we do together will relate to the perfect selling system: the 4 steps that unlock the wealth hidden in your ideas or services

So if writing better Facebook ads… or booking more coaching calls with email… is what you need… then that’s what we’ll focus on.

I’m not going to tell you how to unblock your energy or go vegan. That’s not my area of expertise.

But removing the sticking points that prevent you from selling more of your coaching or consulting services with better copywriting is.

Selling your coaching or consulting services will become as easy as shooting fish in a barrel (no offence to the vegans) when we focus together on the right part of your perfect selling system .

Oh, and an important qualification: You must live in Australia. I already work with a major overseas client. And don’t have the time or patience to juggle calendars and times with anyone else outside the Aussie time zones.