Why do I call myself a freelance copywriter and marketing problem solver?

Most copywriters pitch themselves as copywriters and marketing strategists.

So why do I call myself a copywriter and marketing problem solver?

Frankly, you’re not the first to ask, and I’m sure you won’t be the last.

So here’s why:

About 10 years ago, when I first got serious about freelancing, I noticed a trend in the clients I was attracting.

Many needed sales copy for their website or emails.

Many had attended a conference or event where copywriters where spruiking their wares.

And understandably, these clients came to the conclusion that hiring a copywriter was the answer to many of their marketing problems.

The problem was, they were often dead wrong.

You see, when I dug a little deeper I often discovered these people didn’t need a copywriter, or even better advertisements — at least, not yet.

What they really needed was to take a fresh, out-of-the-box look at their marketing as a whole and figure out the right button to press to get the sales flowing.

*Sales* is what these people wanted, not a copywriter.

If hiring a copywriter was the right answer to get sales flowing then fine, I’d write copy.

But sometimes the answer was to change their business model, or direct their product to a new market, or rethink their unique selling proposition, or to get a different product to sell, or change their pitch.

So I rethought how I looked at my *job* and decided my real job is to first ask why?

Why do you want new website copy?

Why do you want to run an email campaign?

Why do you want to increase your influence on social media?

With those answers clearly understood, getting the result you want becomes much easier.

And that’s a problem solving process not a copywriting process.

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