Make As Much As 6-Times More Profit With Email Marketing Today

You’re not the first business owner to struggle with email marketing.

And your biggest sticking point — the thing that holds you back — is not your ability to write, but your over-eagerness to say the right thing.

In fact, the fear of saying the wrong thing creates a block in your creative thinking.

And this block, stops you sending enough emails, or the quality of emails that can bring you more sales and make your business as much at 6X more profitable.

I know a 6X improvement can seem unimaginable.

But think about it, whose more likely to buy from you? Someone whose never heard of you or someone on your email list, who knows you, likes you and perhaps has bought from you in the past.

Studies (confirmed over more than 3 decades) show that people who buy from you (your existing clients, patients or customers) are 6X more likely to buy again than a cold prospect whose never done business with you before.

And email is the fastest, most convenient, most cost effective way to reach these clients to induce them to buy again.

Need more proof that email is powerful?

Consider this: According to the researchers at the Direct Marketing Association, “segmented and targeted emails generate 58% of all online revenue.”

Is over half your online revenue coming from email?

If not, you’re sitting on a gold-mine opportunity. And all you have to do to cash-in is start using email marketing more effectively.

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