The 2 Most Important Words In Marketing

There are thousands of important words (or phrases) in marketing like list building, targeting, demographics, psycho-graphics, offers, PPC, content marketing, credibility, emotion, needs, wants, desires and so on.

The list is practically endless and could fill 100 books.

But there are two words that help you understand more about marketing (and how to do it) than any other words or phrases.

Why are these words important?

Because they describe the mechanics of marketing and put into fresh perspective what to do in any medium or media to get results.

In short, they simplify your job as a marketer and make your life easier.

The first word is … sequence.

The Greek mathematician, Archimedes is credited for saying “Give me a place to stand and with a lever long enough I will move the whole world”.

In marketing terms this can translate to, “give me the contact details of all the people with the types of problems I solve, and let me send them a sequence of messages and I’ll convert a high percentage into customers”.

There’s power in sequence.

For example, 12 emails, with a carefully planned message, sent over a 3-4 week period will have greater impact than a single email.

Think about your best relationships.

You may have hit it off the first time you met, but the relationship was built over time, in a sequence of events that built the relationship to what it is today.

And your relationship will be sustained by a future sequence of events, starting today.

It’s a sequence of events, not a single event, that shapes our view of the world and the people in it.

So when you think of marketing in terms of a sequence you have the power to shape people’s views of you, your company, and your products and services.

The second most important word in marketing is … integration.

Integration — in marketing terms — means using multiple mediums or channels in your message sequence simultaneously.

For example, if you discover your best prospects are Accountants, why limit yourself to just sending DMs to Accountants on LinkedIn? Why not create a list of Accountants and send messages on LinkedIn, email, direct mail, phone calls, and personal visits in a carefully planned, integrated sequence of communication?

I’m sure if you think about it you can come up with many more mediums to integrate into this approach.

For example, what about re-targeting ads on Facebook and Google?

What about an endorsed mailing from clients you’ve already worked with who may be in your prospect’s circle of influence?

Anyway, a sequentially integrated approach will have far greater impact (and results) than simply running an ad on Facebook or sending a single email.

How are you using sequence and integration in your marketing?

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