Fearless writing

Do you have a fear of writing? Or a sense of self-consciousness about what you write?

Do you write like a person with a stutter, constantly worried about how your message sounds?

Are you feeling self-conscious about what you’re writing because you don’t have a lot of writing experience?

Do you feel like a fraud sitting behind a computer pretending to be a writer, secretly hoping no one will notice that you don’t know what you’re doing?

One way to overcome these feelings when you write is to forget about yourself and write fearlessly.

Write like you’re being chased by the cops and need to get your words down fast.

Or like you’re running into a tsunami with a surfboard.

Write with reckless abandon. You can always edit later.

Write what’s on your mind, no matter what people may think.

And write to someone.

Don’t write to yourself and send it to subscribers.

Write to a person.

Write like they’re asleep in a burning building and it’s your job to wake them up. Shake them around a bit. Get them moving.

Write like their life depends on it, not yours.

Think only of them.

It’s not about you.

That’s how you write fearlessly.

That’s how you write emails that compel people to act.

That’s how you write emails that get attention, that stick in people’s brains.

That’s how you stand out in a crowded inbox.

And it’s how you get subscribers to look for your email first when they open their inbox.

Write fearlessly.

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