To the Business owner doing $200,000 to $500,000 in revenue who wants to get to 1 million and beyond in the next 12-24 months…

Hi, my name is Michael Low. I’m a copywriter and marketing consultant.

I have no idea how you found my website… but I do know this:

If you are looking for a copywriter to write web pages, sales pages, email campaigns etc, etc for your business, product, service, or idea… I invite you to read this page very carefully.

Here is why:

I work with small business owners doing $200,000 to $500,000 in revenue who want to get to 1 million and beyond in the next 12-24 months.

My speciality is marketing optimisation — which means getting a higher return on every action you take and on every dollar you spend to land and keep clients.

Yes, I’m a copywriter, and as such, I write ads, web pages, email campaigns, sales funnels for your digital marketing, and so on.

But when a client approaches me to write any of these “digital assets” I realise there are often hidden or underperforming aspects to their marketing that can be used FIRST… to increase revenue much faster than simply writing a sales page, LinkedIn bio, or rewording your website’s “home” or “about” page.

That’s because copywriting is about much, MUCH more than just words.

Words are simply the means of communicating your powerful marketing message.

And behind every powerful marketing message should be a strategy (or plan) that is designed to give you the highest return on the money, time, and effort you invest in growing your business.

Are you following me so far?

Good. Because…

For you this could mean a proven plan to get more of your emails opened so you can forge a deeper relationship with subscribers on your email list, and convert more readers into first-time and repeat buyers…

It could mean getting a higher response to your ads, launch campaigns, sales funnels, and upsell pages…

It could mean getting a higher-than-average transaction value on every sale through planned approaches to increase the average sale amount… (something 9 in 10 clients never think about)

It could mean entering new markets… or bringing more profitable products or services to your existing clients and market… or it could mean something completely out of the box to get your sales growing and your revenue climbing.

Copywriting + great marketing advice can do this for you.

The opportunities are endless.

The bottom line is this:

If you think your marketing could be doing better, if you feel your ads are underperforming, or if you believe you have a hot product or unique service with the potential to grow beyond what you are achieving now… and you are open to new, different, or better ways to do it… let’s talk.

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Let me buy you two 35-minute consulting sessions with me BEFORE you decide if I’m a good fit for you…

Before we shake hands on a business relationship…

And before money changes hands…

I’d like to personally invest in your business by gifting you two 35-minute consulting sessions with me.

The reason I do this is because I want to 1) make absolutely certain I understand your business and the exact problem you are trying to solve by engaging a copywriter or marketing consultant and… 2) make sure we set the game up from the very beginning to give us both the highest chance and probability of success on the very first project we do together.

You see, life is short. And frankly, I’m not looking for clients who want nice words on their website (as good as that might be).

I’m looking for clients who have a big vision about what they want to achieve in this world through their products or services… and… who are committed to making that contribution as soon and as big as humanly possible.

Frankly, the idea of seeing your star rise excites me…

And that’s why I’m prepared to meet with you TWICE on zoom…

to discuss your project, talk about options for moving forward, and consider the best ways to get you the fastest return on your investment possible.

Only AFTER these two sessions will I propose a solution we can work together on.

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Marketing shouldn’t cost you money. It should make you money…

And I have found most businesses have at least 2 — and sometimes as many as 5 — quick wins at their fingertips that can be turned into immediate revenue — usually within the first month of working together.

These windfall profits can be anywhere in the range of $10,000 to $50,000… simply by implementing 1 or 2 of the strategies we’ll discuss on our initial calls together.

This means my service may completely pay for itself within 30 days.

No guarantees on this. But it does happen.

And the only way to find these windfall opportunities is to discuss your business and marketing in greater detail BEFORE we dive in and start creating sales copy or enter a consulting or coaching relationship.

I don’t know of any other copywriter or consultant who will meet with you twice — at their own expense — to find the perfect solution to your marketing or business growth challenges.

We can talk more about this when you contact me here:

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How well am I doing with clients?

Recent successes include:

Helped a training company turn a losing sales funnel into a winning campaign that produced first-time clients at a profit from cold traffic – all without spending more on ads. The new sales funnel is scaleable and will add between $200,000 to $350,000 in revenue in the next 12 months.

Helped an event company generate an 8% conversion on their front-end offer for a $97 product with a further 23.5% conversion to their $197 one-time-offer upsell. With an average of over $150 revenue on first orders, this company can invest heavily in advertising to grow its client base and profits well into the 1 million dollars a year range.

Created a multi-step email campaign for a client that sold out their entire coaching program 6 full months in advance, easily adding six figures to their profit per year.

If you would like to chat about your business, hit the link below and complete my short contact form and I’ll be in touch.

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