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How to Turn Your Website & Email List Into a 24/7 Customer Generating Machine

I’m sure you’ve seen those health websites that’re stacking sales like a bank manager stacks cash.

There’s a reason they’re doing so well.

And with just a few tweaks, YOU can easily duplicate their success.

Hi, my name is Michael Low … and … as the website name suggests … I’m a copywriter …

Copywriter definition:
Someone who writes words in emails, websites or
other marketing material to produce a profit

I write emails and web copy for natural health and personal development products and services.

Before I tell you exactly how I can grow your online profits … I need to ask you a question:

But first, a story …

A couple days ago I was reading an email … and … as I read that email (and the website that followed) … I felt myself getting drawn into the message and the product.

The more I read, the more my desire to own the product increased.

And the more my desire increased, the more I felt the urge to pull out my credit card and buy.

So here’s my question:

Has this ever happened to you?

Have you ever read an email or a website and thought “Gosh darn it, I really want to buy this thing!”

Even better, have you ever thought “I wish MY emails and website were THAT good!”

I bet you have.

Furthermore, I bet if I revealed the number one secret to making your emails and website “THAT good” you’d be all ears, wouldn’t you?

I bet you’d drop everything and give me your full attention … even if it took 20 minutes to explain … and … even if you had to PAY to get the secret. (Just nod in agreement. It’s better to submit now than fight the feeling any longer.)

Good news is, you don’t have to pay to find out.

Because, for a limited time you can download my special report titled: The #1 Website and Email Marketing Mistake That Could Cost You Millions

The report spells out — in full detail — how to turn your website and email marketing into a 24/7 customer generating machine. 

It’s FREE. And its yours when you subscribe to my twice-weekly email newsletter below.

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What’s that?

You don’t want to subscribe to my email newsletter just yet?

You just want better website copy, more persuasive sales messages, and powerful emails that pull in sales like a cop pulls over speeding cars … and … you want it NOW?

Okay fine, have it your way.

Here’s what I can do for you:

2 ways to work with me.

1) Get me to write your next email free … and only then decide if you want to work with me

2) Get me to review your website to highlight the weak points so you can start winning more customers NOW!

Both services are free. And are on a first-come, first served basis.

PLUS — I reserve the right to pull either or both services anytime without notice.

Jump on it now.

For goodness sake, what are you waiting for? I just made you 3 free offers —

A) Download my fee report to so you can avoid the #1 website and email marketing mistakes that could cost you millions …

B) Get me to write your next email free

C) Get me to review your website to highlight the weak points so you can start winning more customers NOW!

The least you could do is choose one of them…

Before I disappear …

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